The XXL Workshop is an elective course held at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. It is concerned with the design, computation, engineering, and production of a horizontal large span building structure. This design process is done as a collaborative digital design in a multidisciplinary group of students in which each student has his/her own different responsibility. The collaborative digital design requires an integrated 3D approach based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) principles, performance analysis, and file to factory processes.

Coordination: Bige Tuncer / Michela Turrin. Instructors: Architectural Design: K. Oosterhuis; H.H. Bier; ir. Jelle Feringa. Structural Design: J. Paul; ir. A. Borgart. Cladding and Construction: ir. T. Klein. Digital and Computational Design: Arch. M. Turrin; ir. S. Mulders, ir. P. Nourian. Sustainable Design: A. van Timmeren; M. Tenpierik; Ing. A.K. Lassen; ir.G.Mangone. Adaptive Building Systems: P. Teuffel; Dipl.Ing. F. Heinzelmann. Invited Reviewers: B. Burgers (De Kuip), F. Werner (KCAP), S. Wilbrenninck (BAM), A. Habraken (Arup), B.Wubben (dS+V, Rotterdam).


Lectures (by TUDelft affiliates and invited guests)

1Feb2011: Opening and Organization, by M.Turrin; Interactive Architecture, by K.Oosterhuis
2Feb2011: Digital Design and Manufacturing, by M.Turrin; Form and Forces, by A.Borgart; The Kuip, by B.Burgers (DeKuip); The New Kuip, by F.Werner (KCAP); guided visit to De Kuip and to the project site (B.Burgers, F.Werner, A.Habraken, J.Paul, J.Feringa, M.Turrin).
3Feb2011: Reconfigurable Architecture, by H.Bier; Performative Architecture, by J.Feringa; Adaptive Building Systems, by P.Teuffel
4Feb2011: Stadium Roof Design: Form and Structure, by J.Paul;
8Feb2011: Architectural Energy and Sustainability, by A.van Timmeren; Cladding and Construction in Stadia, by T.Klein
9Feb2011: Rapid Prototyping, by P.De Ruiter; Grasshopper Workshop, guided by M.Turrin and S.Mulders
11Feb2011: StadiumPark, by B.Wubben (dS+V, Rotterdam)
17Feb2011: evening lectures by A.Habraken (Arup) and S.Wilbrenninck (BAM)

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